The Old Woman

It is said that you can find anything in the City of Trade. Exotic food? Check. Illegal weapons? Check. Pets that will eat you for breakfast if you forget to feed them? Check. Crazy old women yelling in the streets? Check. A druid wandering the market with a bear? Check, and check.

It was a lovely mid-morning in the Grand Common. Alek had spent the night back in his own bed, and was now itching to see if anything in Delore Harbor had changed while he was away at school. He had thought about leaving his bear at the home, but then he remembered that in Delore Harbor, no one would bat an eye at seeing a bear wandering around. He made his way through the stalls, stopping to look at various items, and chatting with the shopkeepers.

A few steps behind Alek was Solo. He was still convinced that he made out of metal, and so he was still acting as such. And he was still scaring people. Walking next to Solo was Arocano. He had decided to walk in plain sight, he had run into too many creepy characters hanging out in the shadows.

As the three made their way through the seemingly endless sea of vendors, the sounds of a commotion caught their attention. They pushed their way further up the aisle to see what was going on. The origin of the noise was a tough old lady, shouting and yelling and waving fists full of papers and the growing crowd.

“The ship, I saw the ship! The cursed ship! Beware of the cave! The treasure!”

This was all that they could understand. And, being that the guards had shown up to settle the disturbance. The three adventurers decided to not get involved. However, as the guards “escorted” the woman away, some of the papers fell to the ground. As soon as the guards had left and the bystanders had lost interest, Alek picked one of the papers. It was a simple sketch of a ship with the word “Kat’s Tale” scrawled across the corner.

The other paper was picked up by Arocano, this one was a basic map of the coast line just north of Delore Harbor. The three young men needed no other prompting, there was treasure and adventure waiting in a cave just up the coast.

The Old Woman

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