The Beginning

Once upon a time in Delore Harbor in the vast and beautiful land of Tyrra Val on a bright sunny afternoon, a young Half-Elf man and a bear walked into the Grand Common. Here begins our story, and thus begins the adventure.

It was a lovely sunny day in the huge city of Delore Harbor, and the hot air carried the familiar smell of rotting sea life and city garbage. The Half-Elf paused, looking around the market. It had been a quite a while since he had been home, the stench and noise was like a punch after the stillness of the Druidic school Willow Vale. Alek shifted his pack, motioned to his bear, and turned towards his family’s home, dad was excepting him for dinner.

Trailing behind Alek, and sticking to the shadows, there was an Elf, he had followed his friend from Willow Vale where he had grown up. Arocano, (usually referred to as Aro), was in search of adventure, and an escape from the boringness of the school. He slipped from one shadow to another as Alek made his way through the city. Arocano was very skilled at hiding, and it was much easier to learn about things going on if the others did not know you were there.

In another part of the city, somewhere next to a fountain down near the docks, another traveler was experiencing Delore Harbor. The Mul stood in the square, perfectly still, just waiting for people to walk near. Then, he would jump out in front of them, frightening old ladies and small children alike. This unusual behavior may have been the result of eating a spoiled potion, or caused by lack of sleep, or simply delirium. Whatever the reason may be, Solo had become convinced the he was a mechanic man, and as such, did not need to eat, sleep, of breath.

The Beginning

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