History of Lyran

History of Lyran
How the Realm Became Lost

Long ago, before recorded history, the Lost Realm was known by a different name. The people living there called it Lyran, and it’s people were called Sylke. It was ruled by an ancient emperor and his wife. And the Realm enjoyed peace and prosperity for thousands of years.

The Emperor was called Han’lorm, and his wife Valtry. They were considered fair and just by all who encountered them. They had met while Han’lorm was on a journey to The Eternal Realm with his father, Yek’in. Valtry had been a simple farmer daughter in life, and had died young. The young emperor’s son fell in love with the kind spirit, and begged his father to release her from that realm. Yek’in told his son that if he could barter the girl from the Raven Queen, then she could become Han’lorm’s wife. Han’lorm spent the next two hundred and thirty-eight years bartering and running errands for the Raven Queen. Finally she relinquished and released the young farm girl back into the living. Joyfully, Han’lorm returned home with his bride. His father welcomed Valtry into his home as a daughter, and they spent many happy years together.

Sylke do not naturally die in the usual sense of the word, they can be slain, but they do not die of old age. Instead, when one grows weary of living, they begin to fade. First they lose color, then they lose form, and eventually they disappear into “nothing”. In truth, they do not become nothing, they only let go of all that makes them physical and they drift into a sleep-like state. Some of those who have “Faded” stay to watch over their loved ones, other wander across the eons observing things that they did not have a chance to experience in life. There are legends of some of the more powerful Sylke reforming into physical beings long after they had “Faded”.

Thus it was with Yek’in. He was weary of living, and so he stepped down from the throne. Set the crown on his son’s head, and he “Faded” into his favorite garden. Han’lorm mourned for three days, (as is customary), then he and Valtry sat down on the throne as Emperor and Empress. And together they ruled Lyran for a very-very-very long time.
The Emperor and Empress had five children; Ma’rik, Anh-La, Elowyn, Vul’n, and Trye. Ma’rik was the eldest, the warrior, he loved the dance of the blade and the song of the bow. Anh-La was next, she was gentler than her siblings, and often remained silent with her thoughts. Elowyn, the second daughter, was skilled with plants, her gardens were the most beautiful in the whole realm. Vul’n was passionate with speech, he would spend hours listening to the silver-tongued of court talk. Trye was the magician, the one with light in his eyes and lightning on his fingertips, even as a child, the youngest son of Han’lorm was know for enchanting the threads of magic.

Eventually it came that the four older children had grown, (Trye being the youngest by a few hundred years). And temptation lurked in the hearts of Ma’rik and Elowyn. Each of the rivaled against each other for their father’s throne. Bitterness and greed took root, and they argued and fought constantly. They did not realize that their parents wanted all five of them to rule together as a counsel.

Seeing that two of their children were wicked in heart, the Emperor banished Ma’rik and Elowyn to the Natural Realm. Telling them that they could only return when they had learned to work together and to forgive. He hoped that be taking this heartbreakingly extreme hand that they would see the error of their ways. They, in turn, vowed to never work with one another. Then Han’lorm set about teaching the remaining three children how to govern together in harmony.

With Ma’rik and Elowyn gone, peace once more settled on the Emperor’s household. But it was not to last. The peace was shattered all too soon by the return of the two trouble makers. Ma’rik and Elowyn had not taken to exile, and they viewed their father banishing them from Lyran as a great injustice. How dare he kick them out of their own home. How dare he not just decided which of them would rule after him. How dare he refuse to “Fade” and keep them from taking the throne.

Now Elowyn was a schemer, and she came up with a plan; if their father would not give her the throne, then she would take for herself. But she had a problem, Ma’rik also wanted to rule, and his claim was stronger than her own. So she presented her older brother with a proposition; she would help him become Emperor if he would let her have the continents of Eln’pi and Thern. Ma’rik agreed. The two siblings began to assemble a secret army.
Before they had been banished, both Ma’rik and Elowyn had numerous followers. Peoples who had pledged themselves to their cause. And now these followers were sought out and enlisted into the growing army. Then together they lay siege to the capital city.

Perhaps Ma’rik and Elowyn, if they had been more observant, would have realized that even this meant that they were working together. But even while they plotted and planned side by side, both still harbored a deep hatred for one another.

Trye, (who by now had grown up), had developed a great talent with magic. And, not waiting for the city to fall to the overwhelming opposing forces, began to open up new paths to the other realms, thus allowing escape for those who wished it. These paths also allowed supplies to be brought into the besieged city.
But Elowyn also knew the ways of magic and sorcery. And so, by way of trickery and shadow, she disguised herself and slipped into the city. Elowyn had become a master of poisons, and she quickly spread her deadly talent across the entire populous. Soon the city’s residents began to succumb to a strange new sickness, not a single household was exempt. Even the royal family fell ill to this new disease.

Of the royal family, Vul’n fared the best, and he busily kept the city’s defenses organized while his father lay ill and unconscious. Anh-la cared for her parents and quickly set up the castle as a huge hospital for all those infected. While Trye, though he was so sick that he was barely able to stand, never stopped helping his sister to care for the sick and injured.

Trye worked tirelessly day and night, trying to find an antidote. Slowly he began to find ways to fight the illness and nurse people back to health, all the while growing weaker himself. Just as the worst of the disease seemed to be over, Vul’n fell sick. And that night, he died.

This was too much for their gentle mother Valtry, to have two of her children costing the life of her other. She secluded herself in the Emperor’s quarters, sitting by her husband’s bed day and night. The pain of losing a child and watching her love slowly die proved to be too much, and she herself lost the will to live. She never managed to get over the illness, and soon after, she also died.

The Emperor Han’lorm did eventually recover from the sickness, but without his wife he was just an empty shadow of himself. And he “Faded” away. Leaving his crown broken on the throne.

In desperation, Trye called a three day truce and summoned his remaining siblings to the forest on Uji Isle. He pick that place because it had been a favorite place to play when he was young, and he hoped that it would lend to feelings of remorse and fond memories. Elowyn, Ma’rik, and Anh-la all responded to Trye’s summons, and on the planned day, all four of them met on that small secluded island.

Trye greeted his brother and sisters sadly, and in order to ensure no trickery, warded the secluded forest from all types of magic and spells. He then revealed to his rebellious siblings that Vul’n and their mother were dead, and that the Emperor had “Faded”. He told of how it had broken their mother’s heart to have them fighting like this, and how it was now the time to dismiss the armies and try to mend the pain.

As Ma’rik listened to all that Trye said, he wept openly, despair and remorse chilling his soul. And as his youngest brother explained the manner of the deaths, the deep rage and hatred that burned deep within him grew till Ma’rik could contain it no more. He lashed out at his sister Elowyn with his sword. And with a single strike, she fell as though dead.
By doing this, Ma’rik knew that he had broken the rules of the truce, and had once more betrayed the trust of his family. And so he knelt and held his sword out to his remaining sister. As the next eldest, it would be her right to take his life.

But Anh-la in her gentle heart, could not bring herself to outright condemn him to death. So she took the sword and drove it into the ground in front of Ma’rik.

“Let this be your condemnation; From this day forth, no longer shall you walk among those of Lyran. You shall be banished from this realm and henceforth be as one of the N’ulvi Dni. Let this sword be the covenant that I make with you for the rest of your days; Till a hero arises where no one can see and release the forgotten from the silent ways. Now go, and walk among the N’ulvi Dni.”

Ma’rik bowed his head to his sister’s decree and wept. Then he stood up, took his sword, and walked till he could be found to more.

Thus the Realm of Lyran was lost, torn by war and death.

History of Lyran

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