Race port elf

Most Elves tend to be oceanic sea-faring merchants and explorers. They are highly respected as brilliant navigators on both land and sea, and are frequently employed as such. They also can be quite daring and bold, with a bit of an ego though.

The favorite foods of the Elves all involve fish in various shapes and forms. And is often containing a bold spectrum of flavors.

Elvish styles have change little in the last few decades, and lean towards the clean cut. swash-buckling styles.

The Elven ships are masterpieces of architecture and physics. The ships would start out looking like normal sea-going vessels, but as the ships get bought and passed down to new captains, each adds their own flair to the structure.

Not all Elves have the burning desire to roam the sea though, there are a few that would rather make their homes in the beautifully wood areas of the Telmar Valley. These Wood Elves are usually considered to bit slightly strange by their fellow Sea Elves.


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