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The dwarves of Tyrra Val are mainly traveling merchants. Journeying from place to place carrying only the finest and best mercantile inventories in fantastically decorated caravan wagons. They are the life-blood of commerce in Tyrra Val, bringing items from all areas to the markets at every town and village.

Dwarves rarely stay in one place for very long, preferring to spend their lives out on the dusty roads. Though there are a few that hire themselves out as mercenaries and body guards.

All Dwarves are highly trained in the ways of battle, and only a fool would conciser attacking a Dwarven caravan. Dwarves rarely go to academies or schools to train in “proper” fighting. Instead, learn through playing their favorite ‘sport’, Knulf, (meaning something to do with ‘first blood’). In which Dwarves pit their fighting skills against each other in mock battles. (Knulf is a bit like capture the flag, crossed with greek warfare).

Dwarven Wagons are beautiful masterpieces of art. Though plainly painted, they are elegantly carved and crafted. A piece of Dwarven carved wood is considered an expensive piece of art. Dwarven Wagons are pretty much houses on wheels. And some of the larger families of Dwarves have several wagons that can be hooked together while camping to create a vast house.
Southern dwarven wagon

The Dwarves that wander the Southlands live in wagons with rounded roofs, designed to allow the snow to slide off easily. In the dead of winter, during a blizzard, the Southlands Dwarves have been know to hook all the wagons together of several different caravans into a vast net work of houses let the snow completely bury them. And then wait the winter out in their cozy burrow.
Northern dwarven wagon

The Northern Regions wagons have pointed roofs and more windows, in order to take advantage of the warmer weather. Frequently, the roofs have grass and other plants growing on them, and the wagons look like moving flowerbeds. Being such, the Northern Regions Dwarves are know for having every know species of plant.

There is a few small groups of Dwarves that know magic. They are composed of both Dwarves from the Northern Regions and Southlands. They travel seperately from the other caravans in their own small caravans of 2-3 wagons. Magical dwarven wagon


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