Delore Harbor

The Harbor of Delore
The City of Trade

A bustling sea port city full of stores, shops, and taverns. From the warehouses to the markets, this vast settlement thrives with life. The overall appearance of the city is a bit grimy to the outside observer, but to the populous that calls it home, it is a wonderful place. Delore harbor

The most prominent race found is that of the sea-faring Elf. Most Elves live in the Wharf District, in houses that would put a labyrinth to shame. These complex towering mazes can reach up to 15 stories tall and house dozens of families.

Near the wharves there are various sprawling markets, the largest of these is known as the Grand Common is located right on the docks at the waters edge, and never closes at night. Here there are stalls and shops in the plaza day, week, and year long, regardless of weather or politics. Delore

The great fame of Delore, is that you can find practically anything in one or more of its huge markets. And frequently merchants from all over the continent come to barter for its treasures.

Delore Harbor

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