Before the Darkening Dawn's Light

The Sea Cave

Chapter One: Part Three

The beaches to the north of Delore Harbor are narrow, and frequently require visitors to clamber over rocks and tide pools. Tourists are cautioned from heading too far up the thin strip of sand due to the waves covering the beach during high tide. The local tourism board also warns against picking up jelly-like blobs or wandering into any of the caves that appear during low tides.

The sun was quite high above the Varinett Sea as a bear bounded across the white sand chasing after the gulls. Following behind him at a brisk walk was Alek, Arocano, and Solo. They had already been walking for two days, being careful to only camp on the taller rock outcroppings.

It was now occurring to the travelers that not only was the map not to scale, it was also vastly outdated.


missstrombom missstrombom

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